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Home is where the heart is and where people spent a majority of their time, therefore it should be a place which is as comfortable and as appealing as possible! These days, smart home is in vogue because it makes life easier. With the help of home automation installer, one can control different aspects of the home like lights, music and entertainment with a single remote control or automatic setup. In case of highly advanced home automation software programs, users can enjoy a voice recognition controller setup.

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Exhibia from Plyxim

Contrary to the misconception, setting up a home automation software program is surprisingly easy and affordable and there is little or no disruption at all during the installation process. When it comes to home automation installer programs, one of the names that stand out is the Plyxim Exhibia Software. This one is compatible with PCs as well as MAC systems and offers a host of advantages for homeowners. Exhibia is a video broadcast scheduling application which is meant to be used in a multi-platform environment that includes multiple users. It allows one to upload and schedule videos and still images to a centrally located server, known as the Exhibia Server. This server can then be connected to a Flat panel television, a digital billboard or a CATV (Cable Television) system for broadcasting purpose.

Users of the Plyxim Exhibia software can upload and schedule their videos on-the-go using their iPhones, iPad, iPod touch or smartphones. This function can also be carried out from a web browser. The software works exceptionally well with a flurry of third party plug-ins like Divx, Flip4Mac, Perian and so on. The newly released version of Exhibia, i.e. Version 2.3.1 features a major overhaul to the web client interface of Exhibia. It is because of software programs like these that the process of home automation becomes a breeze. This QuickTime-based scheduling software program is gaining a lot of fans these days because it is perfect for modern homes.

Why Exhibia?

When it comes to closed-circuit broadcasting systems, Exhibia from Plyxim is a top pick amongst other systems available in the market. Another benefit of using this program is that it also supports LDAP and iCal integration. As for the Exhibia Server, this one is a Universal Binary which is best run on Mac OS X 10.4.2 or PCs with an updated Operating System and a massive hard drive. Moreover, the license for the Exhibia Server is also quite reasonable at just USD 500 for each server which is capable of supporting unlimited clients.

The Exhibia 2.3.1 is no doubt a far cry from the earlier version of the program. Because of the upgrade, the new features are making the program more useful and beneficial than ever! Amongst the newly added features, the one that takes the cake is the feature of being able to copy schedules between days. This one definitely simplifies a lot of things and makes home automation super easy and convenient! The intelligent scheduling engine of Exhibia is another huge plus point which makes the software program worthy of the investment.